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More intrigue from the set today.

Judy finally returned - she missed 99 days of shooting! I didn't ask her what was wrong. There are too many rumors going around, and to be honest, I was just anxious to complete filming.

So the day after Judy returned, she and I filmed a song and dance number, called VooDoo. I'll admit - it was quite risque - but really well choreographed and quite detailed. I think it raised a few eyebrows on the set...

Somehow word gets back to Louis B. Mayer, and he comes down today to have a look at some of the reels. He screened the VooDoo number...and I've never seen him that upset. You all know he has quite a temper, so believe me when I say he was enraged. Apparently the number was too torrid and scandalous....
and he demanded that the negative be burned on the spot!
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