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Word from the NEW Lot... February 5, 1919.

UNITED ARTISTS up and running today; myself, Doug, and Mary up and signing...!

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Aren't we regal?

For all of us it is an important day, on which We will be crowned kings, not Those who would abandon us or cut our funds. Managment is key; to work is to live, and I mean to work at my Best!

At Chaplin Studios the other day, all was quiet and lonesome.
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Then three lunatics arrived to shake up the place!
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Rick Rowland said in the papers, "The lunatics have taken over the asylum." Perhaps he's right. One thing is for certain: These escaped lunatics today will surely drive him and any other corporation president into the looney bin!

Hurrah for all who made this endeavor possible, and warm wishes to the rest of you, that you may one day break free as we have.

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