Jimmy (__james_dean__) wrote in the__lot,

*Winstons and Chesterfields are my favorite cigarettes?

*My parents, Winton and Mildred, named me after James Amick, an assistant surgeon at the Marion VA hospital where I was born?

*James Whitcomb Riley is my favorite poet, and Frank Sinatra and Renata Tebaldi are my favorite singers?

*My neck size is 15 1/2 and my shoe size is 9E?

*The only jewelry I wear is a silver ID bracelet, a black-faced wristwatch and several pairs of cuff links?

*My favorite ice cream is a combination of coffee and raspberry?

*I earned a $10 flat fee for a Pepsi commercial in 1950 and $1,500-per-week salary for the movie Giant in 1955?

*As an adult, I own a Palomino I named Cisco the Kid?

*I had malaria while filming Rebel Without A Cause?

*I'm an Aquarius?

*I have a fear of flying?

*I never did own a Mercury, the car often associated to me because I drove one in Rebel?

*I can barely see without my glasses, and I'm nearsighted?

*My last drink was a Coke?

*It cost $56.14 to transport me from the site of my fatal accident to the Paso Robles hospital on Sep. 30, 1955?

*It took 12 jurors 20 minutes to determine I died of a fractured neck and other injuries as a result of speeding?

*I was wearing a white T-shirt, a red jacket, and light blue jeans the day I was killed?

*My estate included two pairs of cuff links, an inscribed travelling clock, a wristwatch, a silver perfume flask, an ID bracelet, four racing trophies, a Marlin .22 rifle, a set of three bongo drums, a red leather suitcase and a pair of bull's horns and matador's cape?

*I wear pants 30 to 32 inch waist?

*I sometimes suffer from insomnia?

*Donald Turnupseed, the man who collided with me in the fatal crash, was left stranded on the highway and had to hitchhike home to Tulare?
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